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Rooted on the eastern shores of Manila Bay is the capital city of the Philippines. Rich in history and culture, Manila or Maynila in Tagalog is one of the sixteen cities comprising the national capital region of Metro Manila. It is a notable sight for the country’s economic development, educational system, entertainment and tourism. It houses various scientific and educational institutions, sport facilities, high rise buildings and establishments for businesses, cultural, historical and political venues that marked significant for the whole country’s growth and continuous advancement.

Although Manila gets bigger and busier each day causing heavy traffics and noise, you can always trace back its remarkable past through the historical places found in the city that signify the rich history of the country. Walled City or Intramuros for one is the oldest district and traditional center of the city that holds great history during the Spanish Colonial Period. It has been greatly damaged from the World War II but is being reconstructed as it was declared a National Historical Monument. Rizal Park also known as Luneta Park which was named after the country’s national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal is also another place of interest that caters a special place for unwinding and relaxation as well as family bondings and picnics. Paco Park was once the municipal cemetery of Manila during Spanish times but is now a recreational garden that features the finest musical talents and chorales of classical and traditional Filipino Music. Fort Santiago is another tourist spot that showcases Jose Rizal Shrine and museum. And Malacanang Palace serves as the residence of the current Philippine President during his/her term of service.

While you can find so many historical places to explore in Manila, you can also enjoy its different commercial complex surrounding the city as well as bars, clubs, shopping malls, great restaurants, amazing hotels, unique markets, churches and other places of entertainments for a deeper, greater Manila experience.


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