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Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been one of the amazing tourist destinations in Asia. It is situated in a peninsula formed by Nam Khan River and Mekong River. Its name literally means “Royal Buddha Image” from a famous buddha that arrived in the place from Cambodia. Luang Prabang is also known as the “City of Golden Buddha” because of its rich colorful Buddhist temples and monasteries. Everyday, it is such an awe-inspiring sight to see monks from different monasteries collecting food from women lining up along the street that serves as their food in the temple.

The town is just small with about 50,000 population. You can enjoy touring the area on foot and it would be best if you wear slippers, sandals or easy to slip on shoes as the houses and temples require you to put them off as you pay visit. Bicycles and motorcycles are the basic transportations in the area.

Luang Prabang surprises its visitors with its natural and historical abundance. The Kuang Si Falls which is a three tier waterfall attracts tourists by its fascinating beauty. The Pak Ou Caves namely Tham Ting and Tham Teung, lower and upper cave overlooking the Mekong River is a sacred place which houses miniature Buddha sculptures and wooden Buddhist figures depicting different positions of meditating, teaching and more. The Royal Palace that was built in 1904 during the French colonial era is now converted to a national museum. And the Wat Xieng Thong Buddhist Temple is another tourist attraction that signifies the spirit of religion, royalty and traditional art. It features beautiful gardens, shrines, canopies, residences and other magnificent structures that make it to be one of the most important Lao monasteries where spirit of Buddhism can be felt by the heart.


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