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Boracay Island


Awarded as the best island in the world by the international travel magazine in 2012, Boracay is a small island in the Philippines that has brought great pride in the country. It has received multi-awards for its outstanding white sand beaches and has also been considered to be the world’s top destination for a perfect getaway and relaxation.

Situated approximately 196 miles south of Manila, Boracay offers around 350 amazing white sand beaches with emerging numbers of budget-friendly to luxurious 5-star hotel accommodations. Wide range of restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, and other sources of entertainment surround the whole island to provide great fun and lively nightlife. Numerous breathtaking activities await you in Boracay. The White Beach serves as the center of the island where you can explore the underwater world through scuba diving and enjoy seeing colorful fishes in different sizes and kinds. Shopping centers, hotels, bars and restaurants are mainly located in the resort. Bulabog Beach is another resort best for windsurfing, kiteboarding and parasailing. Ariel’s Point offers cliff diving sites for visitors who love extreme adventures as well as magnificent views of nature overlooking from the different cliff diving sites. White puka shells glimmers at Puka Beach, a long and empty strip of white sand and clear waters near a marine sanctuary.

Boracay, despite being small, is a home to hundreds of beach resorts, hotels and establishments. It is divided into three stations featuring what Boracay has in store for you. Station 1 is a quieter place that has the best and finest stretch of white sand where most luxury resorts are found. Station 2 is a busier area where malls, shops and restaurants are commonly located. Station 3 is a less crowded area where cheaper accommodations are available. Boracay is truly a tropical paradise.


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