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gay couple during a civil ceremony.

Gay couple during a gay marriage civil ceremony | Gay Asia Traveler for Gay Travel

Thailand lost the chance of being the first country legalizing gay marriage to Taiwan who accepted same-sex marriage unexpectedly.

Although Thailand is known for a vibrant community and Gay Thailand travelers arriving in large numbers, Thailand strongly opposed this idea of accepting a law that makes gay marriage possible.

“Most parliament members opposed the draft. A major reason for the opposition was that these members are aged forty-seven and older”, Wiratana Kalayasiri, a Democrat parliamentarian member from the Southern city of Songkhla, said.

As time passed, more people have a better understanding of the human rights of Thai people. Thailand is one of the countries that has always been open to welcome foreign gay people. But, why still not accepting equal gay marriage?

Most Thai people believe in a traditional family life. A marriage between a man and woman belongs to that idea. Thailand known for its high level of social acceptance doesn’t recognize the rights of LGBTQ people and has made little progress on this topic.

Under the Civil and Commercial Code, hetero couples are protecting, while same-sex couples are not accepted.

Medical coverage or the recognition of being a sole caretaker to support the family is not recognized.

Consensual sex between same-sex couples was accepted and became lawful in 1956 and made Thailand one of the most progressive countries in Asia to support our gay rights. Unfortunately, other Asian countries, such as Brunei, Burma, Malaysia and the more conservative parts of Asian countries have a non-tolerance policy when it comes to sodomy.

Gay couple on the beach giving the yes to eachother. Gay Asia Traveler

Gay couple getting married on a beach | Gay Asia Traveler.

Taiwan understood the people’s need of freedom of marriage after the Constitutional Court, the islands highest Court, legalized gay marriage in May 2017.

Taiwan defined that the union between a man and woman are invalid. Taiwan’s ruling gives a major boost to the right for people equality and creates a stable society where all people can live in peace and harmony together as a hetero or gay couple.

Most Gay couples have been over the top hearing the news. Most of them haven’t seen it coming so quickly. The short time between debates over this topic and its final ruling is unique in Asia and makes Taiwan the definite front runner of equal rights, despite any country who is following next.

Chi Chia-Wei fought 42 years for this remarkable milestone day. He sued the government for not being allowed to marry his 30-year-old partner.

The city of Taiwan decided to support the lawsuit.

The Taiwanese government must adjust the law in two years or sooner when the Progressive Democratic Party pushes harder.

Hong Kong is not sitting still either. Although Hong Kong is not supporting equal sex marriage currently, private initiative takers in Hong Kong are working hard to host the Gay Games in Hong Kong. The initiative not only supports Hong Kong’s economy but also creates awareness and openness for gay acceptance.

Slow progress is coming from China mainland. The recent Shanghai Pride has been a tremendous success with thousands of participants joining in music, theater, events, forums, and discussions.

A voluntary practice is getting bigger next year. Celebrating its tenth anniversary will lead the China Pride that expect events and activities in multiple cities across the country.

Gay couple taking selfie after being married. Gay Asia Traveler

Gay couple taking self-portrait with a cell phone. | Gay Asia Traveler –

Where stands Thailand in all of this?

An open gay culture and consensual sex between same-sex people don’t cover the main issue which is acceptance of human equality and human rights.

Thailand has a booming tourism industry, gay and gay-friendly Thailand hotels and stunning beach resorts. Thailand has an open culture and shows stunning natural views.  Is it not a logic next step for Thailand to be the next country in Asia to accept gay marriages?

Accepting Gay marriage in Thailand will mean a definite boost in Gay tourism, the building of gay chapels and the provision and other gay-focused services.

Government and private delegates might travel to Taiwan for a fast training on human right acceptance.

For Thailand, accepting same-sex marriage will be one step forward in economic and tourism spending.

It will define the identity of Thai people and the role that Thailand wants to play on the world stage and in the defense of human rights.

Lots of work still to be done and laws still to be passed for Asian countries to accept equal gay rights.

Two men in Indonesia were caned for consensual sex when Taiwan ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.

South Korea convicted a soldier for having a same-sex relationship around the same time.

How do you think about same-sex marriage? Feel free to comment.

Affectionate interracial gay couple at a beach. and having fun. Gay Asia Traveler

Affectionate interracial gay couple at a beach |  Gay Asia Traveler.


  • Twenty countries accept same-sex marriage. Thirteen of these countries are European countries.
  • The Netherlands became in 2001 the first country in the world to accept same-sex marriage and allow couples to marry in a civil ceremony.
  • Mexico was a groundbreaker for human rights in Latin America in 2009.
  • New Zealand passed the law in 2013 allowing same-sex marriage.
  • Estonia has followed in 2014 and became the first Eastern European country legalizing gay marriage.
  • Gays in South Africa can legally marry and is the only African country.
  • Israel recognizes gay marriage but only when it is performed elsewhere.
  • Twelve European countries followed; Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Britain (except Northern Ireland), France, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.
  • Canada followed in 2005 and the United States in 2015.

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