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The New AirBNB To Excite Your Gay Holidays Big Time

posted by Gay Asia Traveler

Airbnb entered the market and was a big hit around the world from its beginning. You would probably not think that there should be enough space left for smaller more focused Airbnb competitors and in this case target the Gay travel community.

Mister B&B felt differently and was able to raise $ 8,5 million from project A and Ventech to build an apartment rental platform purely focused on you and me.

Mister B&B shares with us that it would aim to become the inclusive platform for the LGBTQ community. They believe that despite there are plenty of apartments up for booking in Gay areas on Airbnb, you don’t really know the host that you are dealing with. According to Mister B&B and founder Matthieu Jost, this is a common issue especially when you are traveling to a destination where homosexuality acceptance is still in ancient times.

Book an apartment on Mister b&b means that the host and the traveler are on the same page. You don’t need to lie to your host whereas the owner can also provide you with relevant gay things to do in the city where you stay.

Mister B&B offers 100,000 hosts in 135 countries. The navigation works like Airbnb and makes you feel right from the start at home. Mister B&B is another great example to provide a convenient platform for gay travel and bring bookers and hosts who are on the same page closer together. Another article that you should read.

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