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Download The Shanghai Pride Program. It’s That Simple.

posted by Gay Asia Traveler
Shanghai Gay Pide Volunteers positioning for a group photo.

Shanghai Gay Pide Volunteers positioning for a group photo.

Shanghai Pride has released the program for the upcoming Pride Festival. A unique festival that has tremendous collaboration between all the volunteers. All kinds of people who believe they can make a difference by creating more visibility and promoting acceptance for the LGBTQ community in China and around the world.  It was not simple nor easy. The program book is a true collaboration of hard volunteer work and expresses the diversity of the upcoming Pride.

The program book showcases the beautiful results of a true creative collaboration between hard volunteer work, belief, and dedication.  Download the program book here.

Shanghai Pride is one of the oldest Pride Festivals in China bringing the LGBTQ community together for learning, collaboration and friendship. The Pride Festival is in its 39th year and will celebrate its 40th year of existence next year so lots of volunteers are needed. You can read more about Shanghai Pride here.

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