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Best Gay Saunas in Asia

posted by Gay Asia Traveler

One of the gay venues gay travelers seek when they visit the different Asian countries is the sauna and spas. Each country offers its own unique sauna service and facilities. Your own personal and first-hand experience will be the judge as to which sauna in which country can be considered the best in Asia.

  • Themae Sauna in Pattaya -- gay sauna PattayaHutong Sauna in Hong Kong. This is a surprisingly spacious sauna considering it is in Hong Kong. It has all the usual facilities – dry sauna, steam room, dark room, private relaxation rooms.  Regular theme nights include towel free, foam party. This sauna caters to and attracts a younger Asian crowd with a generally relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Babylon Sauna in Bangkok. This is the biggest gay attraction in Bangkok – darkly-lit steam room, sauna, plunge pool and private cabins. It offers 100% relaxed gay environment. It also offers Bed and Breakfast ‘barrack’ rooms and ‘garden suites’. Busiest on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  
  • Themae Sauna in Pattaya. This is located directly behind Ganymede Residence and Bar offering a small indoor pool, steam room, dry sauna and massage room.  
  • Amam Sauna and Café in Phnom Penh. This was the first gay sauna in Cambodia. It is located in a “shop-house’ with facilities spread generously over the 5 floors. It has locker room, steam room, dry sauna, shower area, fitness room, video room, a Jacuzzi set, dark room and relaxation cabins. Amam attracts a mostly local Khmer crowd although Westerners are equally welcome.  
  • Day Thermos in Malaysia. This is a relatively small but popular sauna in Kuala Lumpur, located just at the back of Grand Millennium Hotel. It features a dry sauna, steam room, small gym, lounge, relaxation cabins and a dark room. It caters to local and foreign tourists.
  • Club Bath Philippines. This is relatively small but popular gay sauna located close to the Pasay City Sports Complex. It has been serving the gay community since 1997. It features gym area, TV lounge, snack bar, steam room, private relaxation cabins and dark room.  
  • ANIKi in Taipei -- gay sauna TaipeiAbsolute Sauna in Singapore. This is a multi-level sauna with rooftop café overlooking Chinatown. Themed evenings are a hit like “Nothing” on Friday nights. They also have popular towel-free foam parties held once a month. Accessible through MRT Chinatown, take Exit A.
  • Equus in Seoul. This is more of a gay cruise/fetish club. It features locker room, cruising area, SM room, prison room, private cabins. There are Muscle, bear, mask and nude, SM and underwear themed nights.  
  • ANIKi in Taipei. This sauna has the reputation of being one of the finest gay saunas in Asia. It has world-class facilities and services. It features two Jacuzzis, a cool pool, a steam room, dry sauna, low-lit shower area, gym, café bar and movie theater, extensive dark room and 28 luxury private suites.  

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